Mesotherapy: Another Beauty Therapy?

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- What Does “Mesotherapy” mean?

- How Does Mesotherapy Work?

- Who Should Get Mesotherapy in Dubai?

- Why is Mesotherapy Better Than Other Procedures?

- Are There Any Side Effects to Mesotherapy?

- Mesotherapy vs. Microneedling: Which One Should You Choose?

- How Much Does Mesotherapy Cost in Dubai?

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Long skincare routines could be tiring. Popping pills containing multivitamins and extracts good for the skin could also be a challenge. Effects of aging come faster than most people anticipate. Hence, everyone wants flawless and younger-looking skin easily and quickly. The list of organic products and treatments to achieve this is endless, just as the urge to keep trying them is as well. You might have tried some of this and maybe gotten results or not.

Cosmetic surgery is popularly known for helping one get the desired, ageless look, but the idea of undergoing surgical knives scares many to look more beautiful. The pain and long recovery duration have made people look to other alternatives. One of these is mesotherapy, which is the preferred option you need to get that desired younger and glowing skin you want.

What Does “Mesotherapy” mean?

Mesotherapy means injecting substances into the mesodermal (middle) layer of the skin to repair and enhance elasticity. It is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment procedure requiring tiny skin incisions. It is majorly done to treat skin-related issues and the effect of aging. It is also called dermal injections, which most people are familiar with.

This injecting is done using a very fine needle that goes into the skin’s target area. Depending on the effect it is targeted to produce, these substances could include plant extracts, vitamins, enzymes, nutrients, hormones, or medications. Therefore, it is left for the therapist to know the proper portions to combine and give the individual patient.

One of the most straightforward skin treatments only involves passing a solution through the layer underneath the part of the exposed skin, making it very effective as it targets specific skin areas. Any external factor like weather, pollutants, etc. cannot alter its action.

It is mainly carried out on the face, neck, hands, primarily body areas prone to wrinkling. It brings beauty to the skin from within as it aids rejuvenation.

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How Does Mesotherapy Work?

The Mesotherapy process is carried out using a microneedle, as earlier stated. It could be seen as giving beauty shots. A session takes roughly between 10 to 30 minutes. The desired effect determines the specific proportion and content of substances to be passed through the needle. It requires several sessions for long-term impacts.

The instrument used is known as a “meso-gun.” This gun can deliver many shots at once with a needle attached to it, which is enough to carry out this procedure. Anesthesia is not required as it is quick, and you can liken the pain to a brief insect sting. Although depending on skin sensitivity and preference, therapists may apply the anesthetic cream over the area before the procedure, which helps to numb the pain.

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Depending on the treatment goal or plan, each procedure could happen 3-15 times every two weeks. Its effects last for about 3-18 months, making it a long-term skin treatment plan.

Who Should Get Mesotherapy in Dubai?

Mesotherapy works for a diverse range of conditions people are not comfortable with, from skin problems to even fat reduction, surprising, yeah? Some of these conditions and how Mesotherapy works in correcting them include:

1. Skin Wrinkling

Wrinkles are associated with aging and sagging of the skin. They are creases or folds that appear on the skin. At first, they pop up with facial expressions, but as the skin age, they persist. Consistent sessions of Mesotherapy can correct this appearance of the skin. It helps the body eradicate the toxic substances causing wrinkling, enhancing smooth-looking skin.

2. Fine Lines

These are the first signs of aging and appear around the eyes. They are more pronounced when you make facial expressions. By producing proteins such as collagen and elastin, Mesotherapy helps get rid of these lines. They help relax muscles of the face that help reduce its appearance and even remove them altogether.

3. Psoriasis

This is the presence of dry patches or scale-like formation on the skin. Effective mesotherapy can help control this condition. The harsh weather in Dubai at times could contribute to this. In some way, the injections provide enough hydration for the skin, which makes it help revive dead skin cells. It also helps improve the appearance of dull skin, which treats this skin disorder in the long run.

4. Hyperpigmentation

This is the increase in melanin in certain parts of the body. Hyperpigmentation leads to an uneven skin complexion, which does not look great. Mesotherapy helps target zones with a higher concentration of melanin to even them out with other sites, thereby leaving you to have a uniform complexion and look.

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5. Hair Loss

This condition refers to alopecia and could result from aging, hormonal imbalances, or hereditary. You can get Mesotherapy if you suffer from rapid hair loss or a receding hairline. Besides nourishing the scalp with enough vitamins, it stimulates the hair follicles present in the skin necessary to bring back lost hair. Also, it improves the flow of blood to the scalp to boost hair growth, which helps treat bald areas.

6. Bone and Joint Pain

As a result of aging or strain to muscles and joints, one may experience pain, which can be relieved via Mesotherapy. Due to the relaxing property some of the injected substances have, it helps relax muscles and joints, thereby easing pain. It also reduces swelling in the affected tissue. It gives fast relief from analgesic injections.

7. Excess Fat

Some people refer to Mesotherapy as “the French way to lose weight.” Although many other countries have not widely used this function of Mesotherapy, it has proven effective in areas where it has been done. It reduces cellulite, which refers to fat deposits under the skin.

These cellulite deposits could, with time, affect the appearance of the skin, especially for women post-partum. It reduces these deposits by speeding up the rate of lipolysis. Although research has not validated how it reduces fat, it is preferred to liposuction in certain areas due to cost and procedure.

8. Bell’s Palsy

This condition is associated with weakness of a side of the face. It could be a result of an infection or inflammation. Due to how Mesotherapy tightens the skin, the shot can help correct this deformity bringing the face back to its usual look and strengthening the weak facial muscles. It also reverses the effects of paralysis.

Why is Mesotherapy Better Than Other Procedures?

1. It is minimally invasive

It is done subcutaneously, which makes it a preferred option as it does not involve deep drilling of a hole into the skin. So, it heals faster and does not involve a large area of the skin, thereby reducing trauma to the skin.

2. It is painless

The procedure is minor to no pain, although this depends on the individual pain threshold. But it can be compared to feeling like a brief insect sting.