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Dr. Anna Tsanava - Advisor and Business Partner from Austria

Eden Derma Clinic is proud having Dr. Anna

Tsanava as business partner,

supporter and advisor.

Dr. Anna Tsanava is an established and highly

skilled physician working in Austria. She has an

excellent career and extensive experience in

Aesthetic and Orthomolecular Medicine and

actively supports us with her expert advice.

Dr. Anna Tsanava

Dr. Anna has worked at the leading hospitals in Austria, such as Kepler University Clinic in Linz, Barmherzige Schwestern Clinic and Vienna University Hospital. She obtained her medical degree at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria and since then has built incredible academic background, proficiency and relationships in the field.


In addition to her practice as a Physician and Doctor of Orthomolecular Medicine at the
Hospital of Diakonie in Linz, she is one of the leading Aestheticians at the famous Aesthetic Clinic - Kollerbeauty, Austria.


With her understanding of lifestyle influence on health and aging, she provides thorough training to better a patient’s inner and outer self.


Dr. Anna's favorite aspect of her job is the art of “face sculpting”, which leads to obtaining the most natural-looking and comprehensive results possible through Aesthetic Medicine.


She is working with major German and Austrian Aesthetic Organisations and is a member of „Serag-Wiesner“ and „Croma-Pharma“.


We at Eden Derma Clinic are truly honored to have one of the best European specialists at our side as a supporter and a valuable advisor. We believe she brings the brand forward by putting her immense experience, expertise and inspirations.

Anna Tsanava - business partner, advisor, Eden Derma Clinic

Be natural... Be daring... Be beautiful... Be simply You!

Dr.Tsanava, Doctor, Aesthetic Medicine, Injections, Filler, Wrinkle Treatments, German, Austria
Dr. Anna Tsanava, Doctor, Aesthetic Medicine, German, Austria
Dr. Anna Tsanava, Doctor, Aesthetic Medicine, Injections, Face Lifting, Treatments, Meso, German, Austria
Dr. Anna Tsanava, Doctor, Aesthetic Medicine, German, Austria