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Performance Sensor

The performance sensor analyzes how to increase athletic performance, taking into account individual genetic predisposition.

Best performances in sports depend not only on the training. It is well-known that achieving good results in competitive sports requires more than just regular training. Nutrition and proper recovery also have a significant impact on whether athletes can achieve their best possible performances.

If these two additional factors are not adequately considered, athletic performance will suffer, and the risk of injury will be significantly increased

The influence of genes on competitive sports

There is no single training plan or universally applicable recommendations for optimal nutrition or recovery that works equally well for all athletes. This is because our genes play a significant role in determining our athletic abilities and the best ways to access them.

An analysis of all relevant genetic variations can help tailor training and nutrition to improve personal performance and even exceed personal bests.

How does the performance sensor work? With our performance sensor, our lab analyzes the saliva sample submitted by the athlete for over 20 genetic variations associated with individual athletic performance.

We summarize the test results in a comprehensive written report, which includes topics such as muscle fiber type, injury prevention, and nutrition. Our report also provides recommendations to improve personal performance.

In the context of its genetic analysis, our performance sensor can effectively help athletes achieve peak performance during training or competition while minimizing the risk of injury.

Performance Sensor Overview
  • Analysis of more than 20 genetic variations relevant to athletic performance

  • Reliable and ISO-certified testing in our laboratory

  • A comprehensive evaluation of test results in a report

  • Determination of muscle fiber type

  • Advice for injury prevention Individual nutrition recommendations

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