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Premium Plus Sensor

The Premium Plus Sensor enables women and men to optimize their health prevention through extensive genetic analysis.

The often insidious onset of health problems

Every person will experience one or more health problems during their lifetime. Usually, symptoms gradually intensify and go unnoticed, which is why they are often not taken seriously until it is too late.

Therefore, timely diagnosis and prevention can often help completely prevent the onset of diseases or at least treat them successfully.

Our genes influence our health many potential health risks are significantly influenced by our genes. In both men and women, genetic mutations can predispose the development of countless diseases and cause severe health problems.

By conducting a genetic analysis, we can detect potential risks for possible diseases early on in order to take appropriate preventive measures in a timely manner.

How does our Premium Plus Sensor work?

The Premium Plus Sensor is our most comprehensive genetic analysis. Apart from our Performance and ADHD Sensor and blood tests, it includes all of our medical "ProVitalMedicDNA" and non-medical "ProVitalDNA" analyses. With this genetic test, our laboratory examines the saliva sample for over 110 genetic variations related to disease development. The genetic predispositions for intolerance to the intake of around 230 different medications/active ingredients are evaluated.

We can determine genetically determined risks for more than 35 different diseases and recommend suitable measures for effective prevention.

We summarize the analysis results in a detailed written report, which shows and explains all disease risks and preventive measures in detail.

In this context, our Premium Plus Sensor, which is optionally available for women or men, can contribute valuable insights towards comprehensive health prevention.

Premium Plus Sensor Overview
  • Analysis of over 110 health-relevant genetic variations

  • Assessment of personal risk for more than 35 diseases

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of around 230 common medications

  • Reliable & ISO-certified testing in our laboratory

  • Detailed evaluation of test results Individual recommendations for health prevention

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