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Visit the Best Aestheticians at Eden Derma Clinic and Enjoy the Glamorous Feeling of Being Fresh, Youthful and Attractive!

Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty by making subtle changes. We believe that the most important aspect of an aesthetic visit is patient safety and attention. Thus, we take your privacy with utmost priority and ensure the security of your information.


If you reach out to us at Eden Derma clinic and seek our service, you rest assured of having an excellent experience.

Our staff is well trained, and they’ve mastered the art of customer service. Therefore, they’ll attend to you most appropriately. They are also experienced, highly qualified, insured, and attend regular training to better their skills and be familiar with the latest industry advancements in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures.

At Eden Derma Clinic, we use high-quality products and modern facilities for our procedures. Therefore, you’re guaranteed of having exceptional care. It is on this basis that we’re rapidly becoming one of the finest aesthetic clinics in Dubai.

Please call us today to learn more about our service and make your appointment.      +971 55 6875874              


We are here to meet your aesthetic needs and provide you with the look you have always wanted!



Dear patients,

Your safety is of utmost importance to us, and we believe we all have significant roles to play to combat Covid-19.

Eden Derma Clinic strictly follows all preventive measures and guidelines instructed by WHO and DHA to ensure a secure environment in the facility.

By personal protective equipment and appointment distancing – for each patient considering 45 min – we protect each other.


We kindly ask you to adhere to our clinic guidelines upon arrival:

* Please wear a protective mask before entering the facility

* Use hand sanitizers

* Temperature reading and patient screening is mandatory on arrival

* Please arrive on time for your appointment, without children or other accompanying

* Card payments are preferred


With us you feel safe! All staff of Eden Derma Clinic ic vaccinated!

We appreciate your understanding and gladly welcome you to Eden Derma Clinic!


Stay Beautiful and Stay Safe,

See you soon!

Eden Derma Clinic



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