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Jamie Aesthetic Specialist Eden Aesthetics Dubai

Registered Nurse, Aesthetic Specialist

When you meet Jamie, you are immediately struck by her warm, friendly demeanor. But beyond her inviting smile and gentle nature, lies an experienced, dedicated healthcare professional who has dedicated her life to promoting wellbeing and enhancing natural beauty.

Jamie joined the EDEN Aesthetics Clinic team in May 2022 and since then, she has been a force of vitality and professionalism. Her expansive experience as a Registered Nurse and aesthetic specialist has equipped her with a deep understanding of the industry and the nuances of various treatment procedures. She is well-versed in a wide range of aesthetic treatments, such as Mesotherapy, Carbon Peel, HIFU, and Morpheus8, enabling her to provide targeted care that addresses each patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goals.


Before joining EDEN, Jamie spent her time diligently serving the Abu Dhabi community as a COVID-19 Response Nurse. In these challenging times, she proved herself as a beacon of resilience and commitment, diligently providing care to those in need while navigating the complexities of a global pandemic. In her role, she played an instrumental part in the frontline response to the health crisis, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to health and safety.

Jamie’s experience extends beyond emergency care. She served as a Clinical Instructor, where she shared her expertise and knowledge with aspiring healthcare professionals. This aspect of her career underscores her passion for education and her desire to elevate the standard of care within the industry.

Jamie's clinical specialties include blood extraction and IV therapy. Her advanced skills in these areas are complemented by a compassionate approach to patient care. She takes pride in ensuring all treatments are carried out with the utmost consideration for patient comfort, aiming to provide a least painful experience possible.

When asked about her approach to aesthetic treatments, Jamie emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach. She believes in the power of combining clinical treatments with an understanding of the patient's lifestyle, health, and personal preferences to create individualized care plans. She strives to provide her patients with the best experience possible, taking into consideration not just the physical aspects of aging, but also the emotional and psychological ones.

At EDEN Aesthetics, Jamie's devotion to her patients, combined with her passion for nursing and aesthetics, have become the pillars of her successful practice. Her goal is to assist her patients in slowing down the signs of aging and enhancing their natural beauty, focusing on a comprehensive approach that achieves the most satisfying results. Whether it's a first-time consultation or a regular follow-up, you can trust Jamie to provide professional, compassionate, and comprehensive care. She is truly a valued member of the EDEN Aesthetics team.

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