Rhinoplasty Without Surgery - 5 Minute Nose Job with Filler

Updated: May 27

· Nose Rhinoplasty surgery or Non Surgical Nose Correction?

· How long does a non-surgical nose job with Nose Filler gel last?

· How much does a non-surgical nose correction in Dubai cost?

· What filler is used for the injection?

· Does a nose reshaping without surgery have any side effects?

· Is a nose correction with Hyaluronic Acid gel painful?

Deformities of the nasal ridge in the area of the knob or bridge, the tip of the nose, or the columella can often be improved by means of an injection with a stable Hyaluronic acid. The nasal knob can be leveled, and the tip of the nose can be raised. A nose that seems wide can be refined by elevating the nasal ridge so as to give it a slim appearance. The ridge of an African or Asian saddle nose is raised by means of a non-surgical external nose correction. Without surgery, an immediately visible result can be achieved. An additional B-Treatment can also be applied to raise the tip of the nose or reduce the size of the nostrils. With an injection, a groove at the tip of the nose (philtrum) and the columella can be shaped harmoniously into a unified structure.

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Non Surgical Nasal Injection or Surgical Rhinoplasty?

When injected with a filler, the nose doesn’t become smaller, but rather looks more harmonious. The uncomplicated option of a nose correction with Nose Filler is appropriately referred to as a 5-Minute Nose Correction, and it doesn’t even require anesthesia.

 Nose Job reshaping before after Dubai
Rhinoplasty Nose Job Before / After with Filler

Procedure Duration: 15 min.

Anesthetesia: Ointment

Follow-up Treatment: None

Can play sports: The next day

Cost: AED 3150.- (regular price)

currently still a few days

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Through an injection in the area of the nasal ridge or the tip of the nose, an immediate and harmonious beautification of the nose can be achieved. A nasal knob, when concealed in this way, is seemingly and temporarily removed or reduced, and a low tip of the nose is raised. The advantage over operative rhinoplasty is in the fact that the treatment is completed in ca. a few minutes and the side effects, such as swelling or small Hematomas, are of only a short duration. A nasal cast does not have to be worn. A further advantage is that a person can first test this nose correction, before deciding on surgery. Having experienced the effect of a “new” nose, the patient can then decide whether surgery would be the better solution after all - since, unfortunately, most of the gel injection with the stable Hyaluronic Acid will break down after a time. However, a rather small portion of it, ca. 1/3, will remain intact permanently.

Immediately after the injection, the material will still be shapeable, so when a nose correction is done in the area where glasses are worn, the patient should forego wearing the glasses for a while if they would touch the injected areas of the nose.

· Apparent reduction in size

· Not every nose is well-suited to this treatment option

· Correction of uneven areas after the nasal operation

· Hardly any side effects

How Long Does the Nose Correction / Reshaping Last?

It will take longer than 12 months for most of the Hyaluronic Acid to break down. However, a portion of the injection, ca. 1/3, will be permanent.

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How Much Does a Nose Job With Filler in Dubai Cost?

As always, the costs are determined according to effort and material. AED 2000, excluding value-added tax, for a nasal injection with up to 1 ml Hyaluronic gel. The prices will be set based on individual effort and use of materials, according to the doctor’s schedule of fees. Currently still a few days AED 2100.- Special Offer

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A Nose Correction Without Surgery - What Can I Expect?

Through a remodeling of your nose in the area of its knob or tip, you will get a harmoniously changed nose with the help of a procedure that is usually straightforward for an experienced doctor: the implantation of a natural and degradable Hyaluronic acid. Generally, the eyes of an observer will look for irregularities in your face. Your reshaped nose will look more regular and will also appear smaller, since it blends in more harmoniously with the rest of your face.

Which Hyaluronic Gel (Filler) Is Used?

As a rule, we use a gel with Hyaluronic Acid - the synthetic version of a natural water-storing substance that our bodies are always producing on their own. The chemical difference between this synthetic version and the body’s own Hyaluronic Acid is in its chemical stabilization by means of linking molecules. Other fillers with a greater viscosity are less suitable for correcting the shape of the nose. In particular, permanent fillers in the area of the nasal ridge either have the wrong consistency or are occasionally prone to rejection by the body.

Hyaluronic Acid has a gel-like consistency, with a cohesiveness like that of small jellied morsels. The lifting effect under the taut facial skin of the nose is clearly visible, but limited. Where appropriate, Hyaluronic Acid gel can be dissolved again with the help of hyaluronidase.

How Does a Nose Job Without Surgery Proceed?

Before the treatment, the nose will first be numbed locally as needed. According to the needs of the specific nose correction, Hyaluronic Acid gel is implanted under the skin with perfect precision. If local anesthesia is used, it will last for ca. an hour after the procedure. You won’t need any time off or recovery time. You can go back into society immediately after the treatment.

What Unwanted Side Effects Are Possible?

There will probably be swelling and reddening above the area that was treated with Hyaluronic Acid. Following the nose correction, small Hematomas may appear on the nose. However, these are not comparable to effusions of blood after a Rhinoplastic operation, can be completely covered with make-up, and will have thoroughly dissipated after three days. For a few days, the position of the Hyaluronic Acid can be shifted slightly through vigorous massaging, but this manipulation should be undertaken only by the treating physician. Prior to the treatment, you will be informed about the fundamental side effects of any invasion of the human body’s integrity, specifically those side effects that relate to the rare, but possible effects on the blood and nerve supply and through the wound itself. These parallel the risks inherent in a typical injection of tissue with premium-quality Hyaluronic Acid (e.g. injection of wrinkles). If you don’t like the results, Nose Filler can be dissolved with the help of a suitable enzyme.

Is the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Safe?

Hyaluronic Acid appears in a natural form within human tissue. This substance does not trigger a rejection reaction. We work with tiny amounts and small needles. However, all invasive measures involve certain risks, and the safety of a treatment that is not medically necessary should take top priority. Even a relatively safe treatment should and must not be advertised as completely safe. Injection of tissue with Hyaluronic Acid involves the implantation of a foreign substance and has mechanical, osmotic, and growth-mediating properties.

Is a Nose Job Without Surgery Painful?

With the application of a local anesthetic to sensitive places, the treatment can be endured quite well. However, minor discomfort must be tolerated. Patients’ perception of pain varies; for example, some patients who were treated with Hyaluronic Acid gel report feeling a temporary, subtle discomfort after their nose correction. Through the use of a simple pain medication, we can achieve the greatest possible level of comfort for you.

How Much a Rhinoplasty Without Surgery in Dubai Cost?

The cost for a 5 minutes Nose Job or Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping is depending on how much filler is used. Eden Derma Clinic uses the best highest quality filler and is billed by unit. Exact costs for your Nose Correction can be found in a free consultation at Eden Derma Clinic Dubai.

Before and After Nose Correction in Dubai Eden Derma Clinic
Before and After Nose Correction Eden Derma Clinic Dubai

When Can I See the Result?

The result will be visible immediately after the treatment, although the nose will be slightly swollen. After the swelling subsides and the redness vanishes along with any small Hematomas, the result can be evaluated conclusively; this will occur after ten days.

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Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Nose Correction Without Surgery?

As with every cosmetic-aesthetic procedure, realistic expectations and understanding of the limits inherent in a Hyaluronic Acid treatment (consistency, breakdown, tissue response) are necessary preconditions for a successful course of therapy. During a consultation, we’d also be happy to inform you about possible alternatives.

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