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DNA Test in Dubai - Genetics Analysis

Your DNA - Your Story 

 Empower Your Future with Our State-of-the-Art DNA Genetics Analysis. Get targeted weight loss plans, healthier nutrition, and increased performance information

Discover Life-Changing Insights with Our Advanced DNA Analysis

Your DNA holds the keys to understanding your unique genetic blueprint. Our advanced analysis provides you with personalized insights, enabling you to make informed decisions about your health, lifestyle, and well-being.

Explore your ancestry and heritage, revealing your unique story.

Make informed decisions about potential treatments, supplements, and preventive measures.

Understand how your genes impact your mental health and overall wellness.

Optimize your diet and fitness routine based on your genetic makeup.

Uncover your genetic predispositions to various health conditions and traits.

Enjoy Live longer and better! Get a result-based plan.

Welcome to the Future of Personalized Health

Are you ready to discover new facets of your identity and gain a deeper understanding of who you are? A DNA test can reveal surprising traits and ancestral origins.

Curious about your sleep patterns and their effect on your health? Uncover the secrets to better sleep through your DNA

Dubai DNA Doctor Test Genetics Analysis

You only have one LIFE, but YOU decide how long!

Advantages of DNA Analysis


Learn which foods to enjoy and which to avoid based on your genes


Discover which medications are compatible and which to avoid


Identify your weight gain triggers: fat or carbohydrates?


Find the best balance between strength and endurance training


Discover your optimal approach: more exercise or less food?


Receive a lifelong, genetically-adapted nutrition and exercise program


Learn how to increase mental performance, energy, and productivity


Evaluate 1,000 foods based on your genetic profile


Find out how to optimally protect yourself from diseases


Determine your predisposition to high-calorie meals or multiple snacks

DNA Sensor Genetics Analysis Health Beauty Fitness Dubai

Discover Our DNA Test Sensors

DNA Test Analysis Beauty Sensor Image EDEN Aesthetics Dubai Best Clinic
Beauty Sensor
DNA Test Analysis Nutrition Sensor EDEN CLINICS DUBAI
Nutrition Sensor
DNA Test Analysis Weight Sensor EDEN CLINIC DUBAI
Weight Sensor
DNA Test Analysis Pharmaco Sensor EDEN CLINICS DUBAI
Pharmaco Sensor

Empower Your Health and Wellness Journey with Our DNA Genetic Analysis

Our team of expert geneticists and health professionals use cutting-edge technology and research to provide you with accurate and actionable results. Your personalized report will offer in-depth insights and recommendations tailored to your unique genetic profile.


How does the DNA Test work?
Schedule an appointment with our experienced doctor at our Clinic in Dubai to explore various options and review relevant reports. Tailor your experience to your interests or opt for our Premium Plus package for a complete understanding.


What is the process for DNA Genetic Analysis?
A saliva sample is collected and subsequently shipped to a laboratory in Austria for analysis.


When can I expect the results from my DNA Test?
You can anticipate receiving your report in about two weeks, available in both PDF format and, if you prefer, as a physical book.


In what manner will the results be clarified for me?
We are proud to offer the ideal solution for our patients. Dr. Tsanava, a highly skilled physician from Austria, will expertly interpret your results using telemedicine via video conference software. This ensures you have direct communication with a specialist in the field. Furthermore, her fluency in four languages allows her to accommodate a diverse clientele. Discover more about this outstanding service below.

DNA Test Heath Sensor Longlife

DNAhealthControl aids in disease prevention, early detection, and treatment, assisting you in mitigating hereditary health risks.

DNA Test Wightloss Nutrition Dubai

DNAnutriControl supports your journey towards healthy nutrition, weight loss, and athletic performance, helping you achieve your objectives in these domains.

DNA Test Dubai Baby Sensor

DNAbabyControl primarily examines gene variations applicable to healthcare from family planning to early childhood.

DNA Test Beauty Sensor Dubai

DNAbeautyControl analyzes over 20 genetic variations that, based on current research, may impact your skin.

Ann Tsanava, Doctor, Aesthetic, medicine, Clinic, Anti Aging, Treatments, beautiful, skin care, Eden Dubai, Austria, German

Dr. Ann Tsanava

General Practitioner
Live from Austria
Genetic counselor for personalized medicine
Languages: EN, DE, RU

DNA Analysis Insights Report: Connecting Dubai with Knowledge from Austria and Europe

Dr. Tsanava is a highly accomplished physician with extensive experience at leading hospitals throughout Austria. She earned her medical degree from the renowned Medical University of Vienna and has since built a remarkable academic background, proficiency, and network within her field.
Through her passion for genetic research and preventive medicine, Dr. Tsanava strives to provide her patients with the highest quality of care. She recognizes the value of addressing potential health concerns before they develop into serious conditions, and is dedicated to helping her patients achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.

To streamline the process, Dr. Tsanava offers consultations with her patients through a telemedicine video conference platform. This method enables patients to effortlessly access her expertise from the comfort of their own homes or our clinic. As a result, patients find it easier to comprehend their DNA analysis reports and obtain tailored recommendations to enhance their health.

Dr. Tsanava offers incredible benefits to each patient for a better, healthier, and longer life.

We at EDEN AESTHETICS Clinic are truly honored to have one of the best European specialists by our side as a supporter and valuable advisor.

  • How Long Does the Nose Correction / Reshaping Last?
    For the majority of the Hyaluronic Acid to degrade, more than 12 months will be required. Nonetheless, around one-third of the injection will remain permanent.
  • How Much Does a Nose Job With Filler in Dubai Cost?
    The costs for a nasal injection containing up to 1 ml of Hyaluronic gel are determined based on the amount of effort and materials required. The price of this injection is AED 2000, excluding value-added tax. The doctor's schedule of fees will be used to determine the price based on the individual effort and materials used. Currently, there is a special offer available for AED 2,100, which is only valid for a few more days.
  • A Nose Correction Without Surgery - What Can I Expect?
    By undergoing a simple procedure known as Hyaluronic acid implantation, an experienced doctor can help you achieve a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing nose by remodeling its tip or knob area. Observers often tend to notice any facial irregularities, and a nose that has been reshaped through this method will appear more regular and better integrated with the rest of your features, thereby giving the illusion of a smaller nose.
  • Which Hyaluronic Gel (Filler) Is Used?
    We typically utilize a gel containing synthetic Hyaluronic Acid, which mimics the natural water-retaining substance produced by our bodies. The difference between this synthetic form and the body's own version lies in its chemical stabilization through linking molecules. Other fillers with higher viscosity are less suitable for correcting nasal shape, particularly permanent ones on the nasal ridge, as they either have an unsuitable consistency or are prone to rejection by the body. The gel-like consistency of Hyaluronic Acid allows for a visible, albeit limited lifting effect beneath taut nasal skin. In the event of need, hyaluronidase can dissolve the Hyaluronic Acid gel.
  • How Does a Nose Job Without Surgery Proceed?
    To begin the procedure, the nose will be locally numbed as required. The Hyaluronic Acid gel will then be accurately implanted beneath the skin to correct the specific needs of the nose. If a local anesthetic is administered, its effects may last for approximately an hour following the treatment. There is no need for downtime or recovery time, and you may resume your daily activities right away.
  • What Unwanted Side Effects Are Possible?
    It is likely that the treated area will experience swelling and redness after being treated with Hyaluronic Acid. After a nose correction, small hematomas may appear, but they are not comparable to the significant bleeding that may occur after a Rhinoplasty operation. These hematomas can be concealed with make-up and typically disappear within three days. While vigorous massaging may shift the position of the Hyaluronic Acid slightly, it should only be done by the treating physician. Prior to treatment, you will receive information on the potential side effects of any intervention that affects the integrity of the human body, including rare but possible effects on blood and nerve supply, as well as the wound itself. These risks are similar to those associated with the injection of premium-quality Hyaluronic Acid for wrinkle treatment. If you are unsatisfied with the results, Nose Fillers can be dissolved using an appropriate enzyme.
  • Is the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with Nose Filler Safe?
    Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in human tissue and doesn't cause rejection reactions. When working with this substance, we use small amounts and needles. Nevertheless, any invasive procedure carries some degree of risk, and the safety of a non-medically necessary treatment should be paramount. Even a relatively safe procedure should not be promoted as entirely risk-free. The injection of Hyaluronic Acid into tissue involves the implantation of a foreign substance, which has mechanical, osmotic, and growth-modulating effects.
  • Is a Nose Job Without Surgery Painful?
    By administering a local anesthetic to delicate areas, the procedure can be comfortably endured, although some mild discomfort may still be present. Patients may have differing levels of pain perception; for instance, those who underwent a nose correction using Hyaluronic Acid gel may experience temporary, slight discomfort. By employing basic pain medication, we aim to maximize your level of comfort.
  • What Common Concerns Can Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Correct?
    EDEN AESTHETICS Clinic Dubai offers a unique approach to nose correction through an innovative, minimally invasive technique. Our team of experts can help correct a variety of nose flaws, including reshaping the tip, reducing bumps, straightening the nose, minimizing scars, and recorrecting an upturned or wide nose tip. Whether you desire subtle changes or distinct ones, we can provide you with the best results. For instance, our doctors can use dermal fillers to enhance the shape of your nose tip by adding volume, improving symmetry, and achieving a more proportionate appearance. Additionally, we use hyaluronic acid fillers to reduce bumps, offset asymmetric angles, and create a straight line to give an optimal nose size. Our non-surgical rhinoplasty can also smooth out scars and reshape the nasal tip for a natural and elegant look.
  • How Much a Rhinoplasty Without Surgery in Dubai Cost?
    At EDEN AESTHETICS Clinic in Dubai, the cost of a 5-minute nose job, rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping is determined by the quantity of filler used, which is charged per unit. The clinic employs the finest, top-quality filler available. To obtain the precise expense for your nose correction, a complimentary consultation at EDEN AESTHETICS Clinic in Dubai is recommended.
  • When Can I See the Result?
    Although the nose may be slightly swollen immediately after the treatment, the results will be visible. However, it is only after the swelling subsides, the redness vanishes, and any small Hematomas disappear that a conclusive evaluation of the outcome can be made. This evaluation typically takes place after ten days.
  • Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Nose Correction Without Surgery?
    To achieve a successful course of therapy with Hyaluronic Acid treatment, it is essential to have realistic expectations and a clear comprehension of the limits associated with this cosmetic-aesthetic procedure, such as consistency, breakdown, and tissue response. If you're considering this treatment, we recommend a consultation where we can discuss these factors and inform you about other possible alternatives.
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