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Beauty Sensor

The Beauty Sensor analyzes the genes related to skin aging and how to counteract the signs of aging on the skin.

Backgrounds of Skin Aging

Many factors, such as an unhealthy lifestyle, influence skin aging. Therefore, for example, the skin of smokers often ages much faster than that of non-smokers.

Similarly, an unhealthy diet, inadequate skincare, and excessive UV radiation seem to have negative effects on the skin's appearance and accelerate aging. However, our skin aging is influenced by another factor besides our lifestyle. After all, it can happen that the skin of two people with almost identical lifestyles ages at different rates.

Our genes influence skin aging 

Today, it is known that our skin aging is also influenced by our genes. Individual differences usually have a drastic effect on the aging process of the skin.

Over 20 different genetic variations have been described so far to affect more than eight different factors of skin aging. Our genetic test can determine your personal predispositions in order to actively combat the aging of your skin.

How does our Beauty Sensor work? 

With our Beauty Sensor, we analyze the genes associated with skin aging in your submitted sample. This enables us to capture your individual genetic predispositions and calculate their effect on the decisive factors of skin aging.

In this context, we analyze, among other things, collagen production, collagen breakdown, UV protection, skin moisture, and the effects of oxidative stress. We also check the effect of Q10, your individual need for selenium, possible damage caused by genetically induced inflammatory reactions, and your biological age.

We summarize the test results in a comprehensive written report that shows where there are problems with skin aging factors and how you can counteract them with a nutrition plan tailored to you.

Overall, our Beauty Sensor can support you in improving your skin's appearance and delaying the genetically determined aging process of your skin.

Overview of Beauty Sensor
  • Analysis of genes relevant to skin aging

  • Presentation of personal skin appearance

  • Reliable & ISO-certified testing procedure in our laboratory

  • Comprehensive result evaluation in a report

  • Individual recommendations for maintaining healthy skin

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