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DNA Test Analysis Dubai Health
Premium PLUS.png
Premium PLUS

Includes all ProMedicDNA and ProVitalDNA.

Depression Sensor.png
Depression Sensor

Effective prevention, risk assessment and treatment of depression

Hypertension Sensor.png
Hypertension Sensor

Effective prevention and treatment of hypertension

Breast Health Sensor.png
Breast Health Sensor

Effective prevention and treatment of breast cancer

Colon Healht Sensor.png
Colon Health Sensor

Effectively prevent colon cancer

Bone Health Sensor.png
Bone Health Sensor

Osteoporosis: Stopping bone density loss and improving treatment


ADHD Sensor.png
ADHD Sensor

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Help with diagnosis and optimized therapy

Iron Sensor.png
Iron Sensor

Hemochromatosis: easily prevent iron overload

Schizophrenia Sensor.png
Schizophrenia Sensor

Effective early detection and treatment of schizophrenia

HIV Resistance Sensor.png
HIV Resistance Sensor

Risk of infection and optimized therapy

Prostate Health Sensor.png
Prostate Health Sensor

Effective prevention and treatment of prostate cancer

Gluten Sensor.png
Gluten Sensor

Early detection and nutrition adjustments                                                   

Joint Sensor.png
Joint Sensor

Rheumatoid arthritis: prevention and efficiency treatment of inflammatory joint diseases

Diabetes Sensor.png
Diabetes Sensor

Prevention and effective treatment of diabetes

Thrombo Sensor.png
Thrombo Sensor

Effectively prevent thrombosis

Periodontitis Sensor.png
Periodontitis Sensor

Prevent periodontal disease and select the proper implant type

Lung Health Sensor.png
Lung Health Sensor

Effectively prevent lung cancer

Lactose Sensor.png
Lactose Sensor

Early detection and nutrition adjustment to eliminate lactose if necessary

AMD Sensor.png
AMD Sensor

Macular Degeneration: effective prevention and early detection for optimal eye health

Alzheimer Sensor.png
Alzheimer Sensor

Risk assessment, prevention and better treatment

Cardiovascular Sensor.png
Cardiovascular Sensor

Prevention and treatment of lipid metabolism problems

Pharmaco Sensor.png
Pharmaco Sensor

Avoiding side effects from medication and improving the outcome

Skin Health Sensor.png
Skin Health Sensor

Effectively prevent skin cancer

IBD Sensor.png
IBD Sensor

Crohn‘s disease early detection and proper treatment

Glaucoma Sensor.png
Glaucoma Sensor

Detect glaucoma at an early stage and treat it properly

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