Lip Filler Techniques: All You Need To Know

Updated: Aug 28

  • Anatomy of the Lips

  • What is the Ageing Process?

  • What are the Best Approaches to Lip Augmentation?

  • What Are Other Popular Techniques for Lip Augmentation?

  • What Types of Fillers Injections Are Used in Lip Augmentation?

  • Are There Any Side Effects to Filler Injections?

  • Can Lip Filler Injections Be Combined with Other Rejuvenation Procedures?

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The lip region is one of the essential areas when it comes to the enhancement of facial aesthetics. Regardless of gender, the lips remain highlighted with the eyes as the most beautiful parts of the face. However, the lips do not remain the same throughout a person’s lifetime.

Several conditions may lead to the loss of lip volume or the presence of some mentolabial folds and perioral rhytides. These may be due to aging, sun damage, smoking, or hereditary factors. In some cases, there are people who also suffer from cosmetic asymmetries and genetically thin lips. This makes rejuvenation of the lip region a top practice in the world today.

A successful rejuvenation process involves high-level skills and a good combination of injections and technologies. There are several lip filler techniques available to help shape the lips and give gratifying results. We will go through the effective methods in this article. Before then, let’s take a brief look at the anatomy of the lips and the aging process.

Anatomy of the Lips

The lips consist of three separate tissue zones, which are the white lip, the vermillion (red lip), and the vermillion border. In cross-section, the lips are made up of skin, subcutaneous fat, submucosal fat, circumferential muscle orbicularis, and oral mucosa. Specialized dry mucosa makes up the free end of the lips.

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The facial artery supplies blood to the lip via the labial arteries (upper and lower), with a variance in the anatomy and depth of these labial arteries. The primary artery lies intramuscularly and becomes more superficial, enabling it to supply overlying tissues.

A histological difference in the tissue zones may cause them to display different changes due to aging. This will show around the lip area as physical aging signs. Therefore, it is crucial to treat these tissues individually during the lip rejuvenation process.

What is the Ageing Process?

The lips are generally vulnerable when it comes to aging. They easily show physical signs of aging, becoming broader and thinner, and reducing the level of anterior tooth showing. The vermillion border also loses definition and strength, with the cupid’s bow becoming flattened and perioral lines developing. You will also begin to notice the nasolabial folds become more prominent.

The aging process involves several skeletal, skin, dental, muscle, and fat changes. With age, the skeletal base of the lips provides lesser support, leading to a lack of projection and lowering of the soft tissues. Events of tooth loss or chronological tooth wear will also reduce the vertical part of the lips. The overall implication is diminished support to the lips.

Wrinkling of the skin area around the lips is a common occurrence, with aged skin showing epidermal thinning. The dermal-epidermal junction thus becomes flattened with decreased tensile strength and loss of skin elasticity. Less oil is also produced by aged/aging skin, causing chronic dryness.

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Lip Filler Techniques: What are the Best Approaches to Lip Augmentation?

There is a wide variety of techniques available to perform lip augmentation, with different products and technologies. The results of lip augmentation or rejuvenation are usually a balance of attractive and natural aesthetic appearance.

Applying lip fillers is one of the popular techniques for lip augmentation. Injectable fillers now help to correct genetically thin lips or improve the condition of lips that may have lost shape or volume with age or other conditions. Expert surgeons help to use lip filler techniques to restore the fullness and shape of the lips.

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Generally, the lip filler treatment involves a careful assessment of the region and developing an effective treatment plan. It also involves an expert choice of appropriate fillers and methods for consistent delivery of excellent results. There are various lip filler techniques, and we will discuss them in the following sections.

What are the Top Lip Filler Techniques?

1. Classic Lips Filler Technique