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The Art of Aesthetics

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Hop over to Business Bay and follow the winding road until you reach XL Tower, where our 14th floor clinic commands a spectacular view of the creek. And yes! It matters! While getting botoxed, fillered, threaded, micro-needled or lasered (Phew! Scary! – NOT!) you’ll be the extra lucky one to have also beheld a phenomenal skyline! 
You see, here at Eden Derma Clinic, we’re ALL about the B-word: BEAUTY, so even our premises have to be lovely – heck, if they CAN be lovely, they SHOULD be lovely – right? And we know this is exactly the same way you feel about yourself; if you CAN be beautiful, you SHOULD be beautiful!


So, welcome! Step in! Enjoy a cup of tea while you share a frank discussion about your health and hopes with a physician and US-Board Certified Aesthetician and physician, an expert who will rationally and sensitively guide you to understand all options that will bring you optimal results.
Whether you’ve already got a procedure in mind or have utterly no idea what to do about this, that or the other, we’re ready to go!


Most of what we do are (yay!) non-surgical methods of facial and body rejuvenation like:

   Cosmetic Injections, i.e., Botox and Fillers
  Facial Contouring 
  Profile and Jawline Balancing
  PRP and Mesotherapy
 Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
 PRP for Hair loss
  Laser Hair Removal
 Laser Therapy for Skin Treatments


What makes us so darn special? Why should you visit our clinic over any of the multitude of others here in Dubai? (Aha! We even know what you’re thinking!)
To find out, we highly recommend that you stop right now and click here: TESTIMONIALS (Or, you can keep reading a bit more and click later – but be sure to check them out! We’ll remind you again, later!)

  Awesome doctors and the most high-tech equipment
  Free consultation with a US Board-certified physician/aesthetician (the one who will do the work!)
  Free after-care follow-up
  Membership deals
  Our doctors are GENUINELY talented and they’re also GENTLE!! 

Every member of our professional team strives to enhance each and every client’s experience both at the clinic and especially outside the clinic! With world-class care and expertise, we educate and explain, and ultimately provide remarkable results. 
+971 55 6875874 to schedule your free consultation with one of our doctors.
And remember, check out our
TESTIMONIALS < click here!
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+971 55 687 5874

Enjoy the Glamorous Feeling of being Fresh,
Youthful and Attractive!

Why Eden Derma Clinic? 

 Enjoy exceptional results and immediate solutions right for your skin and rejuvenation

 Discover unique methods and innovations of Advanced Aesthetics

 A brilliant range of treatments to choose from

 Get help from certified professionals

 You are cared by qualified members of American and European Academy

 We provide You a FREE consultation

 FREE after-treatment care of the highest standards

 Benefit from Exclusive Membership programs 

 Get Your Elite Card with superior packages

 Enjoy the easiest access to the clinic from any point of Dubai

 Sit back and relax in an extravagant social room with an wonderful Dubai skyline

What Our Patients Say About Us?

Lucy Alice Google Review Aesthetic Clini

AMAZING, I was absolutely blown away by this Clinic. The doctor is incredible, he pointed out things to me that I had noticed but didn't really understand what they were or how they could be improved. Just subtle enhancements that have made the world of difference. He does not push anything on you at all, and goes with your natural look. I am SO impressed with his service and knowledge. The clinic has great communication, good prices and lovely friendly staff. It is beautiful inside and very professional service. I truly can not give a high enough rating. Thank you SO much, I am so excited to show off my results.

Ellen Google Review Eden Derma Clinic Du

Had an amazing experience at Eden Derma Clinic! I went there for hair laser removal, they have the one you can be treated with even tho you have a bit of a tan which I’ve been looking for for so long! And the best part is the view you get to see when you’re doing the treatments there and of course the wonderful service :)

Bianca Google Review Eden Derma Clinic D

I visit this clinic today and it was such a good experience. The doctor is very honest and he dont try to sell more then you need. I dont feel like a number, he takes time to explain everything and listen to my wishes and gives his honest opinion. Compared with previous experiences, this doctor is very professional and good with injections. I would definitely recommend this clinic.

Google Review Eden Derma Clinic Dubai

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