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Maggie Tsanava

Administration Manager  Business Partner

Inspired by an image of a modern, powerful and goal-oriented

woman, she believes that looking beautiful and well-groomed

attracts success and gains self-confidence in every human!

Together with the Expert Team and thanks to the extraordinary partnership, building a reputable high-profile and qualified Aesthetic Center where all women (and, definitely men) experience great care and exceptional outcomes - is the achievement she is proud of!

As a customer relations and communications specialist, patients' happiness is the number one priority for her. The goal is to bring beautiful colors to each and every client's life with the highest standards of service and remarkable professionalism.



Maggie's career and life experience across Georgia, Austria and for many years in UAE has

built strong skills of adequate approach to different cultures and ethnicities.  "Dubai is the city

of immense opportunities  - a multicultural megalopolis where every woman strives to express

herself, her leadership and ambitious... Such women want to look confident, perfectly refreshed

and gorgeous every day to match the city's exquisite lifestyle.  We are happy and proud having

uniquely skilled Master Aestheticians at EDEN AESTHETICS Clinic to help everyone to achieve their

beauty desires..."

 Maggie Tsanava, business partner and administration manager, EDEN AESTHETICS Clinic Dubai


Bringing the Best to Everyone We Touch

Maggie Tsanava - Administration Manager / Business Partner

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